Dreams School

Design the school of your dreams. New York City has a recent tradition of opening new schools that can actualize the vision of a school leader. If you had absolute powers over the design of an elementary or secondary school, what would it look like, and how would it serve the community equitable and with excellence.
1,Briefly describe your school:
Name, grade level, specialities (ie arts, technology, business), charter?
Neighborhood demographics
Mission Statement
2,How will you select your students to ensure diversity, equity and a sense of community?
3,How would you fund your school: What kinds of taxes, grant programs, special funding would you create if you had absolute powers?
4,Who would be your stakeholders and what powers would they have?
5,Explain how the training, programs and services you would include would support your most vulnerable students.
6,Imagined quotes of what your students would say about the school when they graduate.

I need a fair and fair high school, and an international high school. You can choose one of these three: Independent, specialized and charter. You can combine the content of the link I gave you, and you are free to play. One requires one page and the sixth requires half a page. Can you send me a look at halfway through?

LinkYou can expand.

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