Drama essay

1200 words

Choose one of the texts that we’ve read this semester and develop a research question (you may choose a question from the ones below). This paper must include AT LEAST two articles from a UCC Library database., in addition to any direct quotes from the text or author you’ve chosen.

Examine Twelve Angry Men’s look at the criminal justice system. Compare it to a court case that you know of.
the idea of the American Dream as it is represented in The Outsiders or one of the poems we read an analysis of characters from The History Boys and The Outsiders and how they embody the idea of “coming of age”
Who is an outsider? Do any of the characters in The Outsiders feel like “insiders”? Create and defend your position.
How did S.E. Hinton create/define young adult literature? Connect it to other writers of the emerging Y.A. genre

For this paper, you must use UCC Library databases and you may use other sources I have shared throughout the semester. You may use additional sources, but you must have at least two from the databases.

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