Draft for a paper on the play A Doll’s House

Revise your paragraph to include

an opening sentence, if needed
a thesis that gives your opinion about the topic (chosen from the list above)
underline the thesis
the name of the author and the title of the play (italicize the title of the play)
at least one quotation from the play with an in-text citation
at least 150 words
a final sentence that wraps up the paragraph and brings the paragraph to some finality (a conclusion or clincher sentence)

When audiences first saw A Doll’s House on stage, they were shocked that Nora leaves her husband at the end of the play. Today, many audiences are shocked when they realize that Nora also abandons her children at the end of the play. The author of the play, however, seems to support the idea that Nora should leave her children with her husband. What in suggests to you that Ibsen feels Nora must leave her children behind in order to be a better person and have the independence that she needs to grow as a woman and a person?

When you quote from the play, you will need to document where you find the quotation. For a prose play (such as A Doll’s House), provide the page number followed by the act (as a Roman numeral) and scene number, if any.

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