Does maternal age affect cognitive development

All written assignments must be double-spaced, using Times New Roman 12-point regular font, and formatted according to APA style.  For assistance in APA formatting, you can access the following website (Links to an external site.) and follow the tutorial.
All written assignments must have a Title page, Supporting Paragraphs that include your Hypothesis, a Conclusion, and a Reference page. All of the above should be formatted according to the APA guidelines.  All headings should be in bold.
Please cite your textbook, your resources, and any/all work that is not your own, including paraphrasing, in APA format. 

Final Paper Requirements:

Title Page-1 page
Supporting Paragraphs; Inclusive of Your Hypothesis-3-4 pages
Conclusion-1 page
References-1 page
Total-6-7 pages

Distinguished-Excellent support for the Introduction; relates to life experiences of human development theories
Distinguished-Ties directly into the Introduction; reiterates the main ideas; draws a clear conclusion to research completed
Distinguished-Provides at least three credible sources; including the textbook
Distinguished-Accurately uses APA formatting throughout paper including cover and reference page

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