Documentary Essay

This is on the RBG documentary

YOU MUST HAVE ACCESS TO WATCH THE RBG DOCUMENTARY! Its on hulu if you have it. This is not a paper on the documentary itself but a issue in the documentary. PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT!

For this project, take a concept or idea you first learned about through the documentary.  It could , one of RBGs cases  before  the  Supreme  Court,      Think  about  a concept/topic that interests you and how you would like to learn more about it.    Write  a  three-page  research  paper  (double  spaced)  about  your  topic derived from one of the documentaries.  You will need a separate title page and citation page (not included in the page limit).  Your citation can be in any format as long as I can locate your source.  Dig into the topic and be able to explain it to the reader as though they were being introduced to this topic for the first time and had not watched the documentary from which it came.  You must use a minimum of three sources, and the documentary can be listed as the fourth source.  You do not need to discuss the documentary within the paper, only the topic.  Be sure that you do not use first person narrative and proof the paper for typographical and grammatical errors.  Lack of a title page and/or citation page will be an automatic deduction of five points each.  Points will also be deducted for typographical and grammatical errors.  Be sure to organize your paper in a thoughtful and organized manner.  An excellent paper will be free of typos and grammatical errors, will explain the concept fully with legal authorities as support, and will have a title page and citation page with formatted sources.

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