Do you feel that schizophenics or other people with severe mental illness should be medicated against their will: Why or why not.

Please you should use the above articles as a reference:

1. Chamberlin -Torrey debate on involuntary medication of schizophrenics

2. :  Comer: Chapter 6 – 7     William Styron:  Darkness Visible

3.Andrew Sullivan:  The Noonday Demon

4. Learning to Cope with a Minds Taunting Voices:  Benedict Carey:  New York Times August 6, 2011 King, A., Gard, M. G & Gard, D. (2011). Emotion deficits in Schizophrenia:  timing matters.  Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 120: 1 79 87.  Available through PsycArticles in the library

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