Do It, Remember It!

Teacher can inspire children to be adventurous and give them the confidence to try new
things so they can develop creative problem-solving skills. There are countless ideas for
art projects but one of the best ways to help you to remember ideas and convey
enthusiasm – is to try them out yourself! For this assignment, you will try an activity for
an appropriate child developmental stage, reflect on the experience in an essay, and
design a developmentally appropriate art activity. Note that it is the process not the
product that counts for your activity creations so take a risk and be creative! Aspire to
model confidence and risk taking by being adventuresome yourself!
1. Choose any three (3) different activities from the Activities for Children list in the
Chapter 11 Review. See categories below but go to the chapter for details and
Some Variations on Easel Painting
Cracked Paint and Crayon Drawings
Painting with Soft Objects
Cornmeal Paintings
Surprising Designs
Cotton Swab Painting
Button Printing
Sponge Painting
Paper Towel Painting
Crayon Surfaces
Finger Painting with Ice Cubes
Fabric Painting
Pinecone Printing
Combination Painting
Ideas to Encourage Drawing
CHS201 Creative Activity
Unit 5 Assignment: Do It, Remember It!2. Try each of your three activity selections yourself, and:
a. Take a picture of each of your three activity creations.
b. Write an essay with one paragraph about each activity (minimum three
paragraphs total) that addresses the following:
Name the activity.
Describes any aspect of your experience doing the activity. Did
you improvise with the materials? Did you try a few attempts? Are
you happy with the experience? Was it fun?
3. Design a developmentally appropriate art experience.
Choose any activity from the Activities for Children list in the Chapter 11 Review
and describe how you would design a developmentally appropriate art
experience. Identify the age level of the children, the number of children in the
group, the materials needed, the space required for the activity, length of the
activity, safety considerations, and clean-up.
Submit a Word document of 1-2 pages that includes both parts 2b and 3. Use
double-spacing and Times New Roman, 12-point font.
Include a photo of each of your three activities with your submission (3 photos

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