Diverse interpretations of women in Christianity in historical perspective.

Women in Christianity

Read the introduction file that I uploaded and these sources to write an essay

Women In Ancient Christianity: The New Discoveries

(The Gospel of Mary 1)
(The gospel of Mary 2)
(The Martyrdom of Saints Perpetua and Felicitas)

The Passion of Perpetua and Felicity (Anthology, pp. 197-199). 

The Life of Macrina (Anthology, pp. 264-267).

You can find more information from other website to under more about women in Christianity
But I really want you to only use source from what I gave you!!

When you write your essay and support your interpretation, I sincerely want you to you primary source! and evidence! from what I uploaded.

For example when you talk about perpetual, I would like you to use text she wrote or what she said.

Or when you talk about the gospel of Mary, I would like you to use the text she wrote on her gospel to support the contents of interpretation and Thesis.

Interpretation doesnt have to be contain various topics but I want to see the explanation as detain as possible

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