Disscussion Board 4

It is often said that time is a salespersons most important resource. Learning to manage time, territories, and resources is often the difference between a successful and unsuccessful sales performance. Thoughtful planning plays an important role in the success of a salesperson.

Thread: Respond to the following:

From the text, explain what time and territory management is and several specific ways that a salesperson may manage their sales activity.
Provide a detailed example of how a salesperson may measure the effort and success of their selling activities. How might a return on investment (ROI) be determined for a salesperson?
Provide 2 examples of internal customers and how a sales manager may serve these customers and gain the support of his or her sales team.
What does Proverbs 16:3 tell us regarding planning your time? Explain what follows as this verse becomes central to planning time and activities.

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