discussion questions

Submit your responses to the discussion team’s questions below. Please review the attached rubric and adhere to the following protocol:
Responses to each question should be a minimum of one short paragraph and a maximum of three paragraphs.
Address the questions as much as possible (don’t let the discussion stray).
Try to use quotes from the readings that support your responses. Include page numbers when you do so.

1. Do you think the dichotomization of high/low politics is still necessary or appropriate in todays context of globalization and increased global interdependence? If no, how should the securitization issue be framed instead? (Rei)

2. Do you think that the Covid pandemic has shifted the way in which the international community prioritizes global health, specifically as a security issue? (Lauryn)

3. What was the outcome of the United Nations Security Council Session on HIV/AIDS in 2000? Did these resolutions aid in securitizing the issue of global health? (Simone)

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