Discussion: Psychodynamic Approach

Discussion: Psychodynamic Approach

The Psychodynamic Approach is yet another different type of approach to leadership. It does not bother itself with studying traits or skills or styles or behaviors. It is based on personality assessments of the leaders and subordinates. Several personality trait assessment tools can be used including the ego state model from transactional analysis to the personality types of Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung.

For this Discussion, review the three case studies onto which you can apply the psychodynamic lens to decipher why the leader behaves the way he or she does and to think about ways a coach can help address the underlying dynamics and help the individual change his or her behavior. Select one of the case studies and answer the questions provided with the selected case study.

Case Studies Article:

Kets de Vries, M., & Cheak, A. (2014). Psychodynamic Approach. SSRN Electronic Journal. Retrieved from https://www.researchgate.net/publication/272247637_Psychodynamic_Approach

Post your responses to the questions for the case you selected. Be thorough and specific. Explain how you might apply one of the psychological types to the person described in the case you selected. Analyze the relationship between the psychological type you selected and the role of leadership. Provide an example from your experience or one from the Learning Resources that supports your response.

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