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Instruction: Module 7
( 1 page of response for each classmate)

In Module Six, you created your list of competencies and added a brief rationale for the selection. These competencies were to be added to your adaptive leadership toolkit. However, before finalizing your list, you must have this discussion, which will enable you to rethink your options, if required.

In this module, you are to review your classmates posts and add comments to their selections of competencies. Similarly, other learners will review your list of competencies and provide their feedback for the same. On completion of this review, you are to read the feedback given by your fellow classmates and make your final selection of competencies.

Consider the following during the ongoing discussion:

Are you actively listening to the feedback from your peers, remaining open to modifying the leadership competencies you have identified based on their comments and input?
Compare and contrast competencies selected by your peers with those you have selected. As you review their rationale that justifies their selections, provide feedback to your peers on additional points they should consider.
Provide your rationale for keeping competencies you have selected that your fellow peer(s) have not, explaining why you believe the competencies you have selected provide better opportunity for organizational improvement. If, however, you believe another learners competency selection is more viable then your own, then provide the rationale for changing your initial selection to one recommended by another learner.

Classmate #1 Post
Nana A.

Do the leadership competencies identified for improvement align with a specific question in the engagement survey?
No, I dont think that my competencies identified in module 6 align with a specific question in the engagement survey but instead it aligns with a specific section from the survey. The section of focus area that I want to primarily focus on is that of the work condition. There are many questions that fall under this focus area but if I were to pick one that aligns all the others it will be Provides leadership who act in just and ethical ways. In my opinion, change always starts from the top; as a leader the example you show in the way you act and lead is what your employees will follow. If a leader has a welcoming and opened arm mindset, they are more likely to be liked by their employees. When people feel comfortable with their leaders and feel like they can learn from them, the work environment becomes really peaceful to work in. So, to me it is really important to have such a leader, because the trait from the top always trickles down.

How will improvement in the leadership competencies you have identified positively impact the results in the next employee engagement survey?
The improvements in the leadership competencies that I have talked about will indeed set the company on the right path. Like I stated having a leader that has the mindset to have an open mind and not misuse their power is the key to success for the company. If this main problem is taken care of, in the next engagement survey this change alone has the ability to affect the answers of all areas.

Classmate # 2 Post:
C. McC.

Do the leadership competencies identified for improvement align with a specific question in the engagement survey?

In reviewing the employee engagement survey, there are several major gaping areas in leadership and the employees of the company.

Company & Strategy
Employee job satisfaction,
Reward, praise & recognition
These three main areas have shown significant declines over the past four years where leadership has not done a good job in relation to its people. Simon Sinek points out in his video, Find Your Why. Leaders need to do one thing, get followers. (Sinek, 2018) Simon also mentions that People need to come first over numbers and metrics. Good leaders recognize this and do all that they can to develop its team members. The human nature of people is to feel good about what they are doing and to be rewarded and praised for the success. The second requirement of good leadership is the ability to communication of the vision or the why the followers want to participate. There is a clear gap in the listening skills of leadership and the communication and trust level in the organization identified in the survey. These are the areas of improvement that leadership will need to undertake if they plan on turning this around in the company.

How will improvement in the leadership competencies you have identified positively impact the result in the next employee engagement survey?

Better communication, team building, employee engagement and praise will all have positive effects on the employee morale and job satisfaction. By taking steps to positively listen to what the survey is saying, management and leadership should be able to show gains on the next survey. Managers that participate in using tools such as the Leadership Circle Profile will allow them to have a better grasp in their own management style and capabilities, find areas for improvement and self-discovery and use it as a blueprint in their own efforts to becoming better leaders and managers.

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