Discussion / Post

Last week, in Module Six, you uploaded your visuals and executive summary in the discussion and shared your experience working with data and Tableau.

This week, you will review and respond to your peers posts. Respond to at least two of your peers (providing feedback for peers without any feedback first). Address the following points:

1.  Review the visuals posted by your peers and provide your feedback by answering the following questions:
Are the visuals complete and accurate, representing all required analyses? Explain.
Are their visuals the same as yours? If not, speculate on why there could be differences when you worked with the same data.
2.  Review the executive summaries posted, and answer the following questions:
Are the executive summaries clear, concise, and complete? Identify at least one strength and one area for improvement for each summary.
Do you agree with the findings and recommendations in the summaries? Why or why not?
3. How does your experience with data analysis and working with Tableau compare with that of your peers? Share some tips or pointers that helped you work on your assignment or may help address some challenges your peers faced.

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