Discussion / Post


You used Tableau to analyze and visualize a set of data and documented your findings in an executive summary. Over the next two weeks, you will share your assignment with your peers and discuss your experience with data analysis and visualization.

This discussion topic will span two weeks through Module Seven.

This week, in Module Six, you will write about your experience and thoughts on your Module Four assignment. Address the following in your initial post:

Do you have any prior experience with data analysis or visualization?
If yes, what tools did you use and how was it similar to or different from what you used here? Explain.
If not, what did you find easy and what was difficult about completing the Module Four assignment?
Share any insights or thoughts you have about the assignment. This could be related to the data analysis or results itself or it could be about your experience using Tableau. For example, if you could choose to change one aspect of your visuals, what would you change and why?
In addition, upload the following files from your Module Four assignment:

Your visuals from the Tableau employee burnout analysis assignment
Your executive summary from the employee burnout analysis assignment

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