Discussion Negotiation.Traits

Respond to the following student responses provided based on the following Prompts (Each Response should be 137 words)

Prompt 1
We then focus on more recent research on individual differences and negotiation, segmenting our discussion into two major categories, personality and abilities.  How do these take part in the negotiation process?  Are they that important?

Student Response 1 (Andrew)
When negotiation happens theres so many different factors that are in play. Now the art of negotiation can be very complex When negotiation happens theres so many different factors that are in play. I think personality is one of the most essential things when it comes to being an effective negotiator. Personally if someone is very awkward and not easy to talk to you it makes it very hard for you to want to Negotiate with them. Someone who has charisma and talent is most likely going to be a much better negotiator. People who know how to speak fluently and understand and read people are also going to be more effective  negotiators. These types of abilities are what companies are looking for in negotiating. Some abilities would be the ability to read and understand people someone with a background in psychology or sociology would find negotiations to be relatively easy compared to someone who has no background in the study of human thinking.

Student Response 2 (Leatha)
Personality and abilities play directly into the negotiation process since they determine a persons assertiveness and cooperation levels. Depending upon where you fall between the two means that you are either competitive, collaborative, yielding, or accommodating. Knowing where you are helps you know where your weakness is and helps you steer the best way to negotiate for your own success. Likewise, understanding where the person that you are negotiating with happens to fall, allows for you to exploit weaknesses, and get the upper hand throughout the negotiation process.

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