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This is my first week personal introduction
My name is nila. And Im from Bangladesh. I work in a retail store. For now my major is liberal arts. And my expectations from this course is that I wanna learn more about how the markets work.
Go back to Week 1 Personal Introduction Discussion Board forum and recall the country of origin that you posted by way of your introduction to this class.  Over the course of the semester you have been learning about various economic concepts and macroeconomic theory as it relates to the US economy and the global economy.

Use a creative way – your own original rap, story, comic strip, video, artwork or poem to help your classmates learn about your country of origin and get an understanding of how any one or more of these macroeconomic concept/(s) namely, inflation, recession, economic growth, exchange rates or a macroeconomic model (goods market the income and expenditure model (multiplier and government spending) or the aggregate demand and aggregate supply model (components of GDP and their impact on the price level and aggregate output) or money supply and money demand (the effect of determinants of money demand or money supply on interest rates) or macroeconomic policy
how expansionary and contractionary fiscal policy and expansionary and contractionary monetary policy or a combination of both is used to close either a recessionary or inflationary gap, can be explained in a fun way.
See the links below for a few examples.
Sweden is going cashless
What does a cashless future mean?
The Indian village that has returned to bartering

Venezuela pulls 100-bolivar note

American rapper taps into the flow of Chinas economy
Keynes vs Hayek

Please write it with easy English as my English is not that good dont use too sting English.

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