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New HIPPA regulations in 2021 is one of the topics I viewed and it so interesting seeing few turns that emerged in healthcare related to client privacy and how the providers relate in this regard. After, reading the article it draws my attention to few changes that has take effect due to corona virus and all HIPPA regulations has emerged on since the effect of the turns.

However, the onset HIPPA regulation for 2021 was emphasized in this article which stressed how the OCR delivered a request for data in 2018 to be precise stating to HIPAA to capped entities for update on bearing of HIPAA rules that are exceedingly disturbing or altered the delivery of healthcare including the space where HIPAA feedback can be provided to advance care planning also evidence allocation.  The time for opinion said to be closed in 2019 and the OCR relate it feedback upon received, the new regulation said to be introduced in 2020 in which numerous new requirements was implemented by HIPAA.

Similarly, the related process was implemented for 2021 rules which is set to take effect soon after the OCR will/might consider the opinion of all contributors and final rules will/might be approved and the HIPAA new turns will be established for 2021.

What is the 21stCentury Cures Act (Cures Act)? How will it impact healthcare administrator?

The 21st Century Cures Act (Cures Act) is said to be a bilateral legislation that was portrayed in December 2016 to grant support for healthcare product and investigation advancement. It also stated to be created to place a higher attention on the client perspective, and it entails considerable new regulation for medical IT and software systems that will be great result for healthcare facilities, clients and software clients.

The 21st Century Cures Act will impact healthcare administrator intensely if the rate of demand of information is not curbed, because there will high demand of records or enquiries from clients or vendors that has information or any related medical records with healthcare facilities. However, it will be great if the patient records management can implement an app for client to access their information through self service to ease the high demand on administrators to curb misinformation that might want to occur in future on now due to patient demand.




Post 2:

1. The article I chose to be the most interested to me was New HIPPA Regulations in 2021. I found this read the most intriguing because my employer has a strict policy in regards to personal health information and HIPPA guidelines. Working at a pharmaceutical prescription service, they teach us to be very HIPPA complaint in everything we do. Such as keeping all messages sent and received through secure mail, encrypting data, ensuring different personnel level of authority are accurate to match the inquiring request and more. Although this was created with the well intention for patients privacy and protection there are some issues that can be burdensome to the patients.

Per the text, Office of Civil Rights issues a request of information in December 18 asking HIPPA covered entities for feedback in aspects of HIPPA rules that were overly burdensome or obstruct the provision of healthcare. I find this interesting because when I first moved to Houston in 2018 I face and experience with HIPPA that was pretty troublesome. I was switching hematologist but they were working for the same company just different cities. So I thought they should be able to transfer my records with no issues since they are internal. Well, turns out I was wrong. They stated additionally I need to complete some HIPPA medical release paperwork so they can send that to my new hematologists office. This was a big issues because I needed to see him as soon as possible and I couldnt make an appointment till this was completed. So after that was all finished, I then ran into another issue with HIPPA. The hematologists office sent my new Dr the record they had but they were missing critical info when I was initially diagnose with my condition. So when my Houston hematologist asked for this, they stated he will have to get this from the hospital and I would have to do another HIPPA medical release form for the hospital to send this to my new hematologist. This really didnt make much sense to me and caused me to do more work than I should to receive the care I needed.

However, in the proposed changes in the HIPPA guidelines one of the changes really stuck out to me.  This was Healthcare providers and health plans will be required to respond to certain records requests from other covered health care providers and health plans, in cases when an individual directs those entities to do so under the HIPAA Right of Access. I think if this change was made in 2018, my situation would have been a less hassle and easy transition to another provider.

The last interesting topic that I found relates to the current happenings of today with the Covid vaccine As of January 19 2021 OCR said HIPAA sanctions and penalties will not be imposed on HIPAA-covered entities or their business associates in relation the good faith use of online or web-based scheduling applications (WBSAs) for scheduling COVID-19 vaccination appointments. I totally agree with this change and Im glad this has been implemented for the time being. At such a high demand for even almost 5 months to having the vaccinations available, I believe this bypass in necessary so we may reach heard immunity as fast as possible. 

2. The 21st Century Cures Act passed in 2016 is a significant piece of legislation meant to advance healthcare innovation and product development. This promotes and funds the acceleration of research into preventing and curing serious illnesses, accelerates drug and medical device development/approval, attempts to address the inquiring crisis at hand and promotes improve mental health service delivery. The impact this act will have on healthcare administration will be massive! This was help bring understandable legal terms together for interoperability. Which is essential for communication between health professional leaders. This impact will also destress the long wait for medications to be approved by the FDA by now requiring less evidence for approval. They can now use observational studies and patient registries for testing so drug may be possible to get on the market much faster. 


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