Discussion board 3

We are covering Negligence in Chapter 6 in UNIT 2.  The main elements necessary to prove liability based on negligence (unintentional torts) include:

(1) there is a standard of care;
(2) the standard of care was breached;
(3) there is both factual causation and proximate causaution, and
(4) there are resulting damages to the plaintiff (the party who files the lawsuit).

I thought we should take a look current issues resulting from the effects of COVID-19 on our healthcare systems and the concept of negligence of our healthcare systems as well as of the professional working within our healthcare systems.

What you need to do for this DB3:

Read the following article.  Be sure click on the down arrows to expand all the sections included and read them all.

Embedded in the article is a recently-published article Read it also!
“A crisis standard of care equates to youve got to do what youve got to do. Put another way, per a recently-published article by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), [w]hen crisis conditions exist, the goal is to gracefully degrade services to the minimum degree needed to meet the demands, maintaining the maximum patient and provider safety crisis standards of care have the joint goals of extending the availability of key resources and minimizing the impact of shortages on clinical care.

Select one topic of great interest to you from what you read in the two articles.  Provide us with a summary of the topic and your opinion on the topic.  As future, if not current, healthcare administrators, do you see any significant changes in how legal risk management might be handled by a hospital or other healthcare provider going forward as a result of shifting to a surge standard in light of Covid-19?

Note: the book is attached and you still can use external resources

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