Discount Policy



Are there any discounts that I can enjoy when I buy and order a paper from ? The answer is a straight YES, there several benefits that you will enjoy when you order custom term papers from us. We offer a wide range of discounts on selected written term papers or any other work that you order from us.


When you order the first two papers at once, you get to enjoy a handsome discount. New customers signing in for the first time and successfully place an order for two papers, gets to enjoy a good discount on the second paper be it a dissertation, thesis, term paper or just an essay.


You are also entitled to a 5 % discount after the first five orders. It means a reduced price on the total amount of payable. This is calculated automatically and updated by our modern system. You don’t need to claim the 5% discount on your first five custom papers, but it will be delivered to you by our system.


The discounts are calculated and updated by our system in a similar manner as you continue placing your subsequent orders. For instance, you will still get a 10 % discount after 10 papers and 15 % after fifteen papers. Notice that our discount increases as you buy more papers from us.

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