Digital Curation

For this assignment, you will create a digital curation collection in Wakelet. You will need to create an account. Click the Signup button and Continue with Office 365. You should then be able to enter your email credentials. If not, use any other option you would like.

1. The audience for the collection will be teachers.

2. Curate a collection of relevant internet resources for the subject you are or will teach. Use Google to search.

Resources will be considered relevant per the video guide and should be no more than 10 years old

3. The collection must include 10 sources including:

at least 1 video on teaching (or a strategy for teaching) the subject
1 tip on teaching the subject resource,
1 link to a resource supporting technology use for the subject,
1 link to subject trends,
1 link specifically to a Kahoot! article/blog related to the subject.
The other 5 resources will be your choice and an exercise in using your independent judgement to determine what is relevant to your collection. You may choose a theory or some other article of interest-it’s up to you!

4. When you are done, submit the collection url here using the Submit button.

Instructions for Creating Your Wakelet Collection:

Log in, open (Links to an external site.), then click ‘Create a new collection’.

You’ll need to give your collection a title before you can save it, then everything else is up to you. You can add as many items as you want (Links to an external site.), change the layout (Links to an external site.), customize the cover (Links to an external site.) and background (Links to an external site.) images and share it (Links to an external site.) with whoever you like.

See this video for more:

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