Different Interpretations of Edgar Allen Poe The Tell- Tale Heart

This project is asking you to find out what others have said about the story you have analyzed. To do this, first identify and read three different articles each with a different interpretation from which you have written on. With these interpretations and yours, you have four interpretations of the same story. Now, write a six paragraph essay to complete with an introduction, a four body paragraph, and a conclusion.

For the introduction, clearly indicate the purpose of this project (e.g. the purpose of this essay is to share different interpretations of Edgar Allen Poe The Tell- Tale Heart). Thereafter, state the full names of the authors whose interpretations are the target of this essay, including yours (LaTiya), but do not write the title of the article. After each articles authors name, in a different sentence, state what the authors subject of the story is.

In each of the four body paragraphs (one for each author you mentioned in your introduction), without directly quoting, report by summarizing that authors interpretation starting by stating the author’s thematic (thesis) statement. Follow this with a detailed explanation of how the author supported his claim (you must not quote directly from the article except in the case of a word or phrase). The last of these body paragraphs will be about you reporting on your own interpretation in your critical analysis.

The conclusion indicates what this project tells you about the interpretation of literary works.

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