Device – MTV air countermeasure

The munition and its composition to research about:

Please have a look through the attachment to know the type of munition “MTV air countermeasure” 

– Magnesium
– Teflon
– Viton
– Acaroid resin

– Boron
– Bismuth trioxide

Kindly, you have to:

– Write 2000 words
– Investigate the environmental and manufacturing issues associated with MTV air countermeasure munition.
– Research the MTV air countermeasure munition and find out how it is manufactured and any environmental impacts of the materials used.

    The paper should contain the following headings:
–    Definition of munition and issues
–    Introduction
–    Manufacturing issues
–    Environmental issues
–    Relation to the laboratory practicals
–    Conclusion

    Remember to label any diagrams and tables appropriately and ensure that you have appropriately referenced any cited work.

I attached two files you have to use in the paper, which gives you a summary of the coursework:
–    Environmental issue
–    Device – MTV air countermeasure

I attached files as useful references:
–    Pyrotechnics Technical Guide 2021
–    Pyrotechnic Handbook 2018

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