Developing Your Thematic Unit

Develop a concept map for your unit that incorporates at least three ideas related to your theme for each of the following areas: creative arts, fine motor skills and gross motor skills. Use Figure 6.5 from the course text as a guide. You may find the Smart Art tool in Microsoft Word helpful for creating your concept map.

Describe the theme of the unit, including a rationale for how the unit uses a developmentally appropriate approach to meeting early learning and/or academic standards for the classroom you choose. Refer back to Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum for support.

Develop the creative arts lesson; you must use the Lesson Plan Template.

Complete the materials, introduction, lesson development, differentiation, assessment/guided practice, and closure sections of the Lesson Plan Template.

Create a new lesson, related to your theme, with a fine and gross motor skill focus. You must use the Plan Template.
Each section of the lesson plan template must be completed.

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