design an activity center

The physical environment for an early childhood classroom should contain
carefully selected materials that are arranged to invite exploration and
encourage divergent thinking. To explore the planning that goes into creating a
well-designed classroom space, you will lay out multiple learning/activity
centers in an ideal early childhood classroom space and design one
Activity/Learning center. Imagine you have all the money, materials, and space
necessary for your classroom Activity/Learning Center and be creative!
1. Review Figure 6.1 Basic Interest Centers in Early Childhood
Programs in the Textbook Chapter 6.
2. Arrange Activity/Learning centers in a classroom
a. Select six (6) Activity/Learning Centers from Figure 6.1. Make a
drawing of your vision of an ideal early childhood classroom with
these centers. Make sure to clearly label each center on your
b. Briefly explain (in 1-2 paragraphs) how your arrangement
ensures smooth traffic flow and noninterference among the
interest centers in the room. Include specific examples from your
arrangement to illustrate your points.
c. Take a picture of your drawing to include with your submission.
3. Design an Activity/Learning Center
a. Choose one (1) Activity/Learning Center from your ideal
classroom drawing.
b. In 1-2 paragraphs, write a description of the center and the
activities planned for it.
CHS201 Creative Activity
Unit 4 Assignment: Design an Activity Centerc. Select at least 5 materials/items for your center based on the
planned activities. In list format below the description, include the
following information about your learning center materials/items.
i. item name,
ii. a picture if available,
iii. a brief description, and why you selected it for this
learning center.
Submit your completed written assignment in Word format. Use double
spacing and 12 point, Times New Roman font.
Include a picture of your ideal classroom drawing with your submission.

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