Dementia and depression

This is for an emt course. Since we cant have hands on training we are doing a paper in the point of view of a patient or emt. This is the rubric we were given. Rubric for patient assessment research paper:
2000-2500 words (APA or MLA format)

The guts of the paper:
        A solid description of the disease, its process, how it makes the patient act/feel, medications the patient might be on.  Vital signs that would be appropriate for this patient (have two or three prepared)
        Answers for OPQRST, SAMPLE, AVPU, GCS, DCPA-BTLS (if appropriate)

Research Paper 3d Quarter
Step 1:
        What is your topic? 
                Please write it here: dementia and depression
                When is it due? April
Step 2:
Tell me about the paper.
                        How long should it be? 2000 to 2500
How many words?
                        How many pages? 6-10
                        Citations yes or no? Yes
What format?  Pick one of the following Options
                        Option 1:  APA
                        Option 2:  MLA

What should be in the paper or power point?

A description of the disease process.  How the patient would feel, act, the medications the patient might be on; vital signs that would be appropriate (Have two or three sets prepared:  if you get better, if you get worse or if you have relatively no changes)
Step 3:
        The presentation of your paper with yourself portraying the patient.
                Have answers prepared for AVPU. OPQRST, GCS, DCAP-BTLS (if appropriate)

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