Deliverable 4 Healthcare Leadership skills

Apply selected leadership skills through problem solving , roleplaying, and simulations relevant to healthcare organizations.

Student Success Criteria
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As the Vice President of Human Resources at Wynn Regional Medical Center (WRMC), you are responsible for employee training and continuing education. The Human Resources Department has decided to launch a series of leadership workshops. You are tasked with facilitating a workshop on effective problem-solving and making wise decisions. You feel that distributing a handout to all attendees will allow them to refer back to the information as needed.

Create a diagram or chart in a Word document that discusses each step of the decision-making process, using examples. Include the following information:

List each step of the decision making process
Include a brief description of each step of the decision-making process
Include the importance of each step of the decision-making process
Explain if it is mandatory to follow each steps in the exact order

Please look over the paper and add more details to each. please make a detailed diagram or chart with examples

Please add references

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