Deconstruct a Scholarly Journal Article

In 500-700 words, answer the following, using a journal article selected from the library on your topic of choice (This article will be used in the Topic 8 assignment, the Historiographical Essay):

Summarize the arguments made by the historian in the article.
What additional questions might arise because of the historians conclusions?
Discuss the factors in the historians background that contributed to the formulation of his or her argument and conclusions.
Who is the author?
When and where did the author complete graduate work, whom did the author study under?
How might these factors influence the author’s interpretation of the past?
Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide
hose a topic from the following list:

The Indian Wars
The French Revolution
The English Reformation
Martin Luther King
The American Revolution
The Causes of World War II
The Causes of World War I
The Causes of the American Civil War
The English Civil War
The Russian Revolution
The Spanish Civil War
The Civil Rights Movement
The Anti-War Movement
The Cold War
The British Mandate

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