death with dignity/assisted dying matters

ThisB forum is focused on death with dignity/assisted dying matters.  Below are a few good resources to use for DB6.  Of course, you may go beyond and research to find other resources.  Oregon was the first state to enact a death with dignity act in 1997.  It still has an approval rate of 80% of the states population.  You might have to use Ctrl + Click to get the links to open.

What to do for DB6:

1.Summarize the information found in item #1 and item #2 above.  Both writings are from the National Institute of Health.  One resource is the basic information and the other is focused on the issues in light of COVID-19.
2.Where does Texas stand on this matter?  Explain.
3. Where do you stand on this matter? (What are your thoughts about this?) Do you think this is ethical or not?  Explain.
4. If Texas were to pass a death with dignity act, what actions would you take/recommend as the chief administrator of a healthcare system to ensure your system is in compliance with the law?

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