Death Penalty Argumentative Essay

I need to write an argumentative essay on the question, “To what extent is the death penalty for a convicted murderer morally justified?”

I need an introduction, then 1 paragraph explaining the historical context behind the death penalty, then 3 paragraphs following it arguing the question, then conclusion.

Paragraph 1: Introduction
Paragraph 2: Historical Context
Paragraph 3:
Argument: The death penalty for a convicted murder is morally justified as it sends a message to other murderers that committing heinous acts will lead them to being sentenced to death.
Counter argument: However research show that there is no direct correlation between the murder rates and the capital punishment.
Paragraph 4:
Argument: The death penalty is morally justified as the murderer who is subjected to death wont be alive to kill more people.
Counter Argument: However, a murderer would never get the change to rehabilitate. They would never get the opportunity to improve as people, and instead die as a merciless and inhumane person.
Paragraph 5:
Argument: The death penalty is morally justified as justice would be served.
Counter Argument: A person may be wrongfully convicted and get his life taken away for a crime he didnt commit.

Can you please use at least 4 sources.

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