Cutaneous glands-5 types, location, functions

Cutaneous glands-5 types, location, functions    325 word count minimum
please create two parts to the essay. first part research. second part critical thinking.
Appropriate scientific college-level sources containing APA formatted references and in-text citations.

For the research section:
The explanation / background of the topic- Teach the topic to students. Break it down.  Include the Structure and Function relationship in the body Important. Interesting and current research on the topic.
* Examples to clarify and teach.

for Critical thinking part :
* Tips and Tricks for Remembering and Recalling. Is there a mnemonic device that might help you memorize this information or what helps you understand this?
*  Connect the dots  Use critical thinking. Why is this an important topic?  How does it relate to other concepts in the text? Use your own words and thoughts here.

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