Customer Value Focused Strategy

After reading chapters 4 and 5 (see uploaded material): Please read the questions carefully and provide a response to each that is coherent, demonstrates that you engaged with the material from previous course work/this class text and that reinforces important content. Your answer to EACH of the 2 questions should be a short paragraph (no more than 3 5 sentences and about 100 words.)
Use APA format/citation style. Be concise. Avoid redundancy. Think outside the box as you answer these questions.  Use 1 additional source but you must include reading material as a source.

Question #1.  Explain how an organization can build a Customer Value Focused strategy?

Discussion Question #2. Chose a sector of your choice to think about the level and depth of market and customer analysis that an innovative and entrepreneurial organizations need to undertake in order to remain competitive in todays environment. What influences this level of analysis?

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