Culture heritage

Students will write a final researched essay of approximately eight to ten pages targeted toward a real-world, published Call for Papers (CFP). A CFP is how people holding a conference advertise their conference. They call for papers, and writers send abstracts describing their paper topics in the hopes that the conference coordinator will accept them into the conference. Once accepted, they present their paper at the conference. For this essay, you will find a conference that fits with your desired topic and write your essay for that CFP advertisement.

Essays must use sources taken from peer-reviewed publications relevant to students topics. The components of the essay must include a formal title page, an abstract, a literature review, and the final, polished essay, including your reference page.

Assignment Objectives
    Students will use critical thinking to identify a particular problem, area of interest or curiosity within a discipline.
    Students will make connections to their particular issues or problems based upon evidence acquired by research and citation methods within the discipline.
    Students will demonstrate creativity by producing an original essay for a conference.
    Students will communicate outcomes through writing and online discussion.

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