Cultural Considerations in Patient Care


Please prepare a written report of 350-500 words in length relating to the cultural considerations in patient care that are applicable to sonographers .(ultrasound tech)

Choose a specific ethnic, racial,  or cultural group (Latino American)  that is prevalent in your patient populations.  In the paper please discuss special considerations that the sonographer (ultrasound tech) should be aware of in caring for these patients. 

These topics should be included within the paper as they apply:
1.    Dietary considerations
2.    Religious considerations
3.    Cultural considerations
4.    Gender based considerations
5.    Age considerations
6.    Time considerations
7.    Attitudes and reactions toward health care and sickness
8.    Attitudes and reactions toward health care professionals


Latino American
DISEASE – higher incidence of diabetes, hypertension, obesity, cervical cancer
COMMUNICATION – like personal relationship and discussion with healthcare provider
THE FAMILY – central to social networks and decision making; may bring family members to medical appointments
MODESTY – may prefer same sex caregiver
TIME – orientation is more in the moment and less on the clock
FOLK MEDICINE – recent immigrants have disposition to using folk medicine

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