Cross-Cultural Worldview Observation

During the semester you will engage in learning activities that relate to our course goals. You are expected to attend one worship event in a congregation that is culturally or ethnically different from your own worldview. (This could be a regular Sunday service, a wedding, funeral, or other special event where significant differences can be encountered.)

Your two-page summary report of your visit should discuss your reflections about what it was like to participate in this setting, with attention to how it struck you. It should not be a report on the flow of the worship [first they did this, then, they did that]. Instead reflect on questions like the following: How aware were you of differing worldviews? Pick out one or two elements to highlight the differences. What fears, stereotypes, or biases did you confront within yourself? What conclusions about your own worldview do you now draw as a result of your experience? How have your thoughts, beliefs, values, behaviors, feelings, and intentions changed as a result of the experience?

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