Critical thinking paper

Requirements for the Critical Thinking Paper. Your paper should be a minimum of five (5) continuous pages, not including title page or reference page. Your paper must follow the APA formatting guidelines (

Supporting evidence. Your paper must utilize a minimum of four (4) academic sources, your textbook may be included as a source. You must use scholarly journal articles, academic books, or websites that have the extension .gov or .edu. In certain circumstances, you may use a reputable news website for supporting evidence, but these will not be counted toward your four (4) academic sources. Websites such as Wikipedia are NEVER acceptable for anything.
Paper Structure. Make sure you have all the following headings in your paper. Lack of proper APA formatting for headings with result in a deduction of 10 points. HINT: the way these headings are shown below are in formal APA formatting.
Compare and Contrast
Reference Page
Title Page. As shown in the APA guidelines.
Abstract. Valued at 5 points. Your abstract will simply state what your paper will be discussing. This is not a thesis statement, but a little more informal for this type of paper. You will only need a couple of sentences.
Introduction. Valued at 20 points. This is where you explain the social phenomenon you have chosen to write about. Please include the following (failure to include all the below will result in a deduction of points):
Provide a brief explanation as to why you chose this specific event.
Include a little history or background information about the phenomenon.
Make sure that you state which two theorists and theories you will be comparing and contrasting.

Compare and Contrast. Valued at 35 points. Now for the work! Make sure you use proper in-text citations, keep the direct quotes to a minimum, and write from your heart as well as your knowledge. Treat this section like the way you write the Course Reflection Journal Entry in that you are creative, truly explore the theories and how they compare and why they contrast. This is really a fun opportunity to learn about specific theories, so pick the ones you think you might like the best. Most of your writing should be in this section so do not try to do this quickly. Take your time and do an excellent job, your grade will depend on it.

Also consider these questions when writing:

How would various social theorists explain how the political, economic, or educational institutions operate today or historically?
What lessons can we learn and what social policies or programs should be put into place based on their ideas?
How have the theories developed by your theorist been utilized as a part of an ever-increasing body of social knowledge?
How have these theories been used to develop a deeper understanding of your social issue?

Conclusion. Valued at 20 points. Because this is not a formal research paper, but a critical thinking paper, your conclusion should be written in first person and must include the following (failure to include all the below will result in a deduction of points):

What did you learn about the two theories, the two theorists, and the social phenomenon?
How you feel about what you learned and if learning that will help you in the future?

Reference Page. Be sure to use the APA guidelines.

General points deductions include 10 points for the lack of in-text citations and 10 points for lack of following the APA guidelines. See above for the APA formatting guidelines website.

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