Critical thinking

Answer the question below You must refer to the facts or concepts in the assigned materials, although you are also welcome to add information from other sources. You do not have to use footnotes when you paraphrase or quote from a text,  but be sure to make the source clear to me. For example, you can say, “According to Murphey’s A History of Asia” when paraphrasing or say (Murphey) after a direct quote. If you use an outside source, you have to explain it further, using at least the title and author of the work you are referring to. The answers must be in complete sentences, not bullet points. You are also welcome to add your own analysis or thoughts, but only if you have space after you address the question.


What are some of the reasons why Asian pop culture came to be favored in non-Asian societies in the last decade or so? Name two using the CNN article and the chapter from Michael Fuhr’s book assigned for this class.

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