critical thinking

Consider the following situations. In each case, describe what you consider to be a
responsible solution to the problem you identify, but also describe what you would
consider to be an irresponsible solution to that same problem. Be sure to explain the
reasons for your answer.

1. You are a member of a group of three students who are assigned the task of writing
a report on a certain topic. Your life is very hectic and in addition you find the topic dull.
What is your response?
2. You are employed at a job in which you observe your supervisor and other
employees engaged in activities that break the company rules. You are afraid that if
you blow the whistle you might lose your job. What is your response?
3. Your family has had to struggle to advance. Your mother has asked you to help in
the family business on Tuesday nights, but you are sure this will interfere with your
ability to get your work done for your Wednesday classes.
4. You have gone out on Friday night with a friend. Your friend drove, but now seems
drunk and is ready to drive you back home.

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