critical analysis paper

. The theme  Racism and Patriotism will be the topic of your paper.

Create a thesis.
Your thesis is your position or argument on the main point, idea, or central message of your selected theme. It should come at the end of your introductory paragraph and should be clear and specific as possible.
Outline the body of your paper.
You must use a minimum of three sources
Required sources:
Red Tails
Chapter 18
One chapter of your choice
You may use more than three sources.
Think about what you want to include in your paper. Remember that whatever you cover should support your thesis. Use the provided rubric to ensure that you get a perfect score for your essay.
5. Write your critical analysis. Every paper should have a clear introduction, body, and conclusion and should be five pages in length.
The introductory paragraph should include the context of your topic, your thesis, and a general guide of what your paper will discuss.
The body should be the bulk of your paper. It includes the main points that support your thesis. Try to use a few quotes as possible and practice paraphrasing them instead. You can also include oppositional positions as well.
The concluding paragraph should summarize the points outlined in your body. It should also restate your main argument (thesis).

.Write your abstract.
The abstract is a summary of the entire paper. It should be one paragraph long and have its own page.
Create your title and reference pages.
Come up with a unique title for your paper. Dont forget to put your name, date, and course name on the front.
*Reference page
For any in-text citations, create a reference.
Be sure that the reference page is formatted correctly and is in alphabetical order.
. Format your paper.
Check to ensure that everything is formatted correctly, including the headings, section titles, etc.
Generally, your paper should follow this pattern:
Title page (First page)
Abstract page (Second page)
Critical Analysis (Starts on the third page and is equal to 5 pages in length)
Reference page (Last page)

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