Criminology Theory

Answer TWO of the following questions. You can use a theory only ONCE.

1.    See the Los Angeles Times Homicide Map ( Now, pick ONE of the following theories and explain the pattern of homicide in Los Angeles: social bond, differential association, social learning, labeling, anomie, GST, social disorganization, concentrated disadvantage, routine activities, and life course. Be sure to identify and discuss the key concepts in the theory. Also, if you use the chosen theory develop a strategy or program to prevent violence in these areas, what would be the focus?

2.    Listen to this podcast episode on the January 6 riot at the United States Capitol. Choose one of the following: differential association, social learning, labeling, or strain to explain why these individuals participated in this incident. Be sure to identify and discuss the key concepts in the theory. Lastly, why does life course theory fail to explain the behavior of these individuals?

3.    See the picture below. What is going on? Can you use a theory that we have covered in this course to explain? Describe that theory in detail and discuss the key concepts. According to this theory, why is the pictured device effective in reducing crime?

Your work will be evaluated based on the following.
a.    Your understanding of the theories and key concepts.
b.    Your use of assigned course material.
c.    Your ability in connecting and applying key concepts to answer the question.

You must use proper citations and references. You can find more information from the following.

In addition, good writing is very important.

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