This week we look at the environment and the state of our water supplies in the PBS video

“Poisoned Waters”. This video is almost 2 hours long and will post for 2 weeks.

through Sunday, April 11 at 11:00 pm. You can access this very important video at: posted on April 21. 2009. I understand

that some of the videos that are posted are old but this video is still very relevant and clearly says

what needs to be said about the environment and more importantly shows how little progress has

been made towards addressing these critical environmental issues since this video was first posted in 2009.

This video takes a clear look at critical environmental issues facing the nation including our environment,

our living habits, agriculture and agribusiness, and the myriad of issues facing our nation’s water

supplies. Discuss any of these or other topics that you consider to be important environmental issues.

You may include issues such at our over dependence on cars and the abuses in agriculture such as

overuse of pesticides and antibiotics in animals and the use and introductions of GMOs to our food

chain without labeling. Don’t wait until the last minute to post because this video will be posted for

2 weeks. Remember that the purpose of discussion boards is to foster class discussion and interaction.

I would like you to focus on what laws you think may be broken and/or what laws need to be enacted

in regards to our all important environment.

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