Creative Brand Strategy

Creative Brand Strategy


Create a brand strategy for your entertainment business

Define your unique brand identity and develop creative concepts to establish your new company brand


Using what you learned in the assignment readings and the brand identity lessons, you will create a new brand strategy for your entertainment business. You will define your unique brand identity  including your creative brief, research of your creative strategy, and specific brand identity including logo concepts,  your Brand Identity Prism, and your corporate culture, mission/mantra, and tagline.

Section 1.  Creative Brief

Section 2. Trademark: Pursuing Strong Brand

Section 3: Brand Identity


Brand Identity Guide, LinkedIn Learning
Art & Copy Abstract: The Art of Design
Article: Pursuing Strong Brand – see below
Defining Brand Identity by Carol Phillips:                                                                       
Guy Kawasaki, Creating Mantra not Mission: http://
The Brand Gap, Chapter 3: Innovate, pgs. 73-79
Logo Review:
Brand Identity Guide example: http://
Corporate Culture (Zappos)

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