Cradle to Cradle Design

Individually, you will research and prepare a 3000-5000-word white paper (single-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, standard 1-inch margins, use APA format) targeted toward your employer or industry.  The paper should address a sustainability challenge and present a solution using any of the cradle to cralde design approach. You are expected to use the design method (complete all of the steps) to actually design a concept or prototype solution.  Your white paper explains the problem and the solution you have designed.  Topic is addressing the sustainability challenge of designing and making process of garments in fast fashion. I will be designing an item of clothing that will help with waste accumulation, pollution, and fabric waste.
Executive Summary write this last (after you have finished the paper); this is a summary of the main points of the paper.
Problem Statement & Background identifies the issue/problem you will address and provides a minimum of 3 different points (paragraphs) that explain your problem statement in detail; rely on research, facts, and logic to support your problem statement.
Solution use one of the design approaches to develop a solution, explains why it is the best solution (benefits, how it solves the problem, etc.), explains why other solutions are less appealing; use research to support your solution, this is not based upon your hunch or opinion.
Conclusion a brief recap of the problem, background, and solution.
References all sources used and cited in the paper; you must use at least 5 research-based peer-reviewed journal articles and avoid using Wikipedia, social media, and blogs.

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