Review the following documentary on the 1918 Influenza from NU Library

In this discussion board (DB), please post your original thread summarizing the documentary in your own words. Include the following in your discussion:

Find a credible resource for information on COVID-19. Write the resource in APA format at the bottom of your post.
Identify 2 similarities between Influenza 1918 and COVID-19
Identify 2 differences between Influenza 1918 and COVID-19
Your thoughts about both outbreaks and take home message you would convey to the public (as a scientist as well as a person in the community that does not want to cause a panic)
These posts need to be a couple of paragraphs and should not exceed a page (minimum of 250 words required for full credit of original post).  Your original, first post must include the resource in APA format and is due by Friday, (PST, 11:59 pm).

To answer start your discussion, click the link “Week One Discussion” above. Once you are in the forum, click the Create Thread button to view the question again, as well as, create and submit your answer.

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