COVID 19 affecting nursing in the workplace

    Evaluate how COVID 19 affects nurses in the workplace, in the population you identified describe three to five characteristics related to person, place, and time.
    Appraise the data sources you utilized by outlining the strengths and limitations of each.
    Discuss two methods you could use to collect raw data to determine the descriptive epidemiology of your health problem, Determine how these methods would influence the completeness of case identification as well as the case definition/diagnostic criteria used.
    Identify the association between the risk factor and health outcome you selected, and suggest which observational study design you feel is most appropriate for examining that association.
    Support your selection of the observational design, noting its strengths and limitations for addressing the health problem.
    What might you be able to learn by using your selected study design that might lead to improvements in population health? Support your response with evidence from the literature.
    Briefly summarize how COVID-19 affects nurses in the workplace.
    Explain which epidemiologic study design is most appropriate for your study, as well as the assumptions and tenets that support its application.
    Analyze the strengths and the limitations of the potential data sources you might use for your study.
    Identify the environmental agent or genetic factor that you selected and the population health problem with which it is associated.
    Evaluate the significance of the health risk resulting from your selected environmental agent or genetic factor, discussing such aspects as morbidity, mortality, incidence, prevalence, exposures, and costs to society. Support your response with references and data.
    How might the environmental or genetic factor you identified result in health disparities in populations?
    Provide a brief summary of each example, including the influence of psychosocial factors on health and disease as discussed in the research literature. Cite your sources.
    What strategies are currently being used to address these factors? Support your response with examples from the literature.
    Knowing that there are psychosocial factors that influence acute and chronic diseases, what is the role of the nurse in probing for that information or in larger initiatives?

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