coursework activities

Assignment 1 Modify Annotated Bibliography

Please separate them out.  100 WORDS

Planning Activity

For this activity, you will update the annotated bibliography you first created for Unit 1. You will incorporate elements to bring it up to date for the Toulmin Argument essay.

You will continue to use the same topic you used for your Classical Argument essay and the Rogerian Argument essay; however, you will expand the focus of your research in two ways:

to educate yourself about qualifying elements/limits on positions
to expand the applicability of the issue to a broader audience/widen the scope
You may continue to use any existing sources that are still useful to you; however, you must end up with a minimum of four sources that you will use in this essay.

Assingment 2. 200  WORDS

utilize the handout “Classical Argument and Toulmin Argument” (provided below)  found under Learning Materials, to analyze the Classical Argument you composed for this course  (provided below)  and pull out the following Toulmin components:


If you cannot identify the components above in your Classical Argument, identify why you think it is not present based upon the information provided in the handout “Classical Argument and Toulmin Argument,” our course discussion, and your lecture note/texts and how elements present in your Classical Argument could be adapted for inclusion in a Toulmin Argument.

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