counseling skills

M6 Discussion: Confrontation
Artesanatos / Handicrafts by rcamboim, on Flickr
“Artesanatos / Handicrafts” (CC BY 2.0) by rcamboim
Discuss some of the key multicultural issues in the use of confrontation:

Present a scenario wherein you ask your peers to work with a client from another culture/background. Describe the client’s background and the issue they are presenting to the interviewer.
What does the inconsistency appear to be?
Your peers will respond by giving their thoughts related to confrontation with this individual. (Remember, you may wish to reference one of the multicultural awareness topics presented thus far in the course or present a new one.)
You must refer to what you read in the text or from Coursemate.

Please post your initial comment (2-3 short paragraphs at the beginning of the discussion week), and then return to the discussion area 2 more times (middle and end) during the discussion week to briefly comment, as appropriate, on what other students have posted.

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