Core Curriculum Assignment: Parenting License

Parenting License Assignment

Students are asked to answer the following question: If the government required parents to get a parenting license before having children, what would be required?

Specifically, the parenting license you create should include the following elements

License name
List and describe at least five requirements that parents must meet and/or agree to before receiving the license
Use two or more empirical studies to gather material (statistics, data related to parenting behavior or practices) to argue for requiring parents to meet one or more of your requirements.
Renewal process
Implementation requirements/guidelines
Ethical considerations
Personal reflection on concept of a parenting license, as well as discussion of cross-cultural variations or perspectives
Students are required to use APA format for this assignment. You can expect to have roughly a page per section. Some sections may exceed a page. There is no set number of pages for this assignment, but less than five is probably not sufficient.

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