Contemporary Marketing in Action

Assessment 1: Research Proposal 25% TMM (individual submission: 2,500 words max)

The research proposal enables students to identify a problem within marketing in and organisation of
their choice or a defined case study and propose an action research plan to address it. The key is to
ensure that the focus is on marketing practices and potential problems that might arise for individuals
or organisation. The research proposal will prompt the students to not just identify a topic, which they
explore at a later date, but rather it will require that students ascertain the scope of their research, its
aims, research question and objectives.
The submission includes a brief overview of key literature to help illuminate the research question and
offers insights into primary evidence based data collection methods and timeline to prompt students
thinking along the lines if this research is in fact feasible. The purpose of this submission is to enable
students to plan their capstone research and to engage with their module tutors in meaningful
discussion focused on the chosen pathway focused research topic.

Assessment 2: Action Research Project 75% TMM (individual submission: 5000 words)

The research project executes the action research outlined in the research proposal. The use of action research enables students to respond to emerging needs of the identified problem through a
combination of consultative approaches and critical reflection. The report has two essential
components i.e. research report and reflective statement. The aim of the research project is to execute research into current marketing practices with a focus on the types of problems and challenges that marketers face in their professional environment. This part must include a reflective statement is to demonstrate and evidence-based proposed business solutions and recommendations that address or mitigate the identified problem.
The action research report must include a reflective statement is demonstrate and evidence the
reflective understanding and self-evaluation of the student focusing on personal transition through
action research e.g. at the beginning of the period, mid-way through the project and at the end of the project. This reflective statement should be supported with a portfolio of evidence in support of
students submission. Some examples of evidence include (but not limited to) class activities iteration feedback sheets, mind maps, tutor feedback, participation in events, reflective logs.

only assesment 2 is to be done

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