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Critique the following Commencement Address utilizing the three stages of Perception.

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Commencement Address

May 15, 2010

Thank you Dr. Lemanski

It is a great and awesome day is it not? And indeed, a pleasure to be standing

here in front of all of you. I am very humbled with this experience.

Vice Chancellor Ashley, President Jones, distinguished members of the platform

party, esteemed faculty, graduates and guests welcome to the May 2010

Graduate Commencement ceremonies of Texas A&M University-Commerce

and thank you for your attendance.

Today I would like to speak on Reflection and Perception. So, we begin with the

right perception I have been reminded that I stand between you and

graduation so I will keep my comments brief. Also, I shamefully do not recall the

speaker nor the subjects presented during my previous graduations so I am very

perceptive of that.

As you can see, I am not the Traditional Student or Doctoral Graduate and

many of you may be thinking he is long in the tooth. But, actually, that

presence of age provides the credentials for being eligible and qualified to

speak on both Reflection and Perception.

Regardless of your role in life, whether it be son/daughter, father, mother,

Granddad/Grandmother, brother/sister/granddaughter/grandson; I am asking

you to pause and think with me for a few minutes about Reflection and


AS we begin to Reflect and Perceive, I will provide some background.

Reflection in todays context is careful mental concentration and thought. For

Instance, our most precious item on earth is time! In this context we might take

from Jim Croces lyrics and song Time in a Bottle; time to pause and think

about the following If I could save time in a bottle, The First thing that Id like to

do Is to save every day Till Eternity passes away. Or possibly thinking about the

changes you have experienced you might extract the lyrics from music

Composer Boris Fomin, and singer Mary Hopkins song Those Were the Days My

Friend which speaks to Nothing seems the way it used to be. Or in a context

of looking back, maybe one would simply have a thought as a question

Would I do it all over again?

Perception is attaining awareness through insight, intuition or knowledge that has

been gained. We can begin to transition to perception with these words I

cannot comprehend the distance between this place and the future. For, as

long as, I can remember, I have been living for tomorrow and not for today.

Does this sound familiar? It does for me, I was continually reaching for tomorrow

and as I reflect back, I now perceive that I missed the day and so much along

the way.

Now perceive this new life. Again, the chance to go deep within your

mind. Before you leave this place, you have been brought to today, capture the

moment because as you leave you will never again be the same. Can you hear

the call? Can you see the truth? Can you feel the power?

And now you may be asking yourself how can I apply this? If I may take a few

liberties and without coming across as being egoistical please walk down

memory lane with me. As I reflect, lets turn back the clock 40 years and it is May

1970 and I am sitting out there just as you are today. For me it seems like only

yesterday but in actuality it was in the last century. The world was my oyster as

I was graduating with an MBA and had on the previous evening been

commissioned into the United States Air Force as a 2nd Lt. This institution of higher

education had prepared me and I was ready to begin the journey of meeting

lifes challenges and climbing the preverbal corporate ladder within my

career. My perception then of success was my internal driver to better myself

and obtain a professional career, one that had not ever been achieved or

reached by anyone within my family tree.

Thus, began a life of dedication and full commitment to the job or the current

position or opportunity. My driver was the George Washington dollar. Sacrifice

of time with family was made time and time again, as it was thought, that it was

necessary in order to continue the climb and reach levels of recognition and

promotion which resulted in economic benefits and enhancements. My wife

and I settled into a marriage which had prescribed and expected roles and the

moments of sharing and togetherness were squeezed into time gaps on my daily

calendar. As my children grew up in front of me, I only experienced them when I

was home after traveling to whatever destination and wherever in the world. It

was my personal conviction that all of the accomplishments and achievements

would result in the ultimate personal satisfaction in life and this was its true

meaning. There was the ever-present rationalization with the statement there will

be a time for us in the future.

Even with each promotion the 21st Century brought change with far reaching

implications, doubts as to the reality of it all and a nagging question. Is this all

there is? And when the corporate life was over, I still had that question, Is this all

there is?

But as I reflect back, I realize that success can be measured in many other ways,

other than the next promotion, bonus or new title. Although these things are

great and can be measured in quantitative terms, unless it is within balance with

your personal life, and your spiritual growth, your family, and your health, so

much can be missed or forever lost along the way. For one means little without

the other. Keeping your life and career in balance with the proper perception

can fulfill your dreams, goals, wants and needs during your journey in life with no


Within my perception, I now realize success and greatness can also come from

being a mentor, an inspirer, a motivator and a true leader. Although these

factors cannot be measured quantitatively, they are necessary components of

a successful career for they can be the most gratifying and heart felt feelings of

satisfaction and can even inspire you to even greater heights.

As you are reflecting, do you recall those individuals or persons that inspired you,

and in those situations when you thought you had reached your limitations their

input or influence carried you forward and resulted in your achievement today.

I can. She is present today. She is my wife. Do you want to inspire others, to

motivate, to lead, and encourage them to greatness? Because, if you do, you

have developed not only wisdom but you have already raised your level of

success and achievement. Are you prepared to walk hand in hand keeping in

perspective the balance of time within your life goals? If you are, you have the

start and foundation that so many others will never have and unfortunately, they

will miss so much along the way.

This speech addressing Reflection and Perception does, however, require some

action on each of our part. It requires us to develop our Personal Development

Plan. Ensure that within this Personal Development Plan it has a balanced life

with time for the enjoyment of all things as one of your goals. Then stay focus on

these goals. Ensure the achievement of these goals by continuing your life

learning education to ensure that you are always informed and knowledgeable.

Always remember that personal sacrifice today will be rewarded later from your

achievements. But, never, sacrifice time balance with family and friends nor

shortcut your spiritual growth. Always keep the following in perception: There is

no such thing as failure. Life may take many different turns and offer many

crossroads to choose from, but whatever your choice and the final outcome, will

never result in failure but take from it the growth and strength gained from


And please do not forget this great institution that provided the initial foundation

and accordingly give back in the proportion that it has given to you. Do not

forget these people who shared with you the basic principles and concepts that

you will be applying for the remainder of your life nor the organizations and

facilities that provided the capabilities for your learning experience and resulting

personal development.

As we leave this assembly, we will open the door to a new beginning. Lets keep

in perception what is the true meaning of life and how we are going to

participate in its unfolding. Enjoy and share your achievements as well as your

plans. Always keep an interest in your career, however humble, as it is truly a

treasure during the changing of times. However, keep your perception; the

career is only a part of your total self. Engage and enjoy the love that surrounds

you and give back the love that is received.

If I may revert back to my corporate training and give you a few bullet dots to

take with you today; they would include:

Find the time to do the things that are truly important to you

Keep your priorities straight and in balance

Create your Personal Development Plan

Continue your life learning experiences

Think before you react realizing how your actions can impact others

Be fair and equitable

Be humble

And most importantly, remember to have fun along the way.

In the order of things, there is a fine line between fate and destiny. Therefore,

you would probably expect the following comments from an Age of Aquarius

student from the sixties. To quote from Max Ehrmanns poem from 1927, entitled

Desiderata, You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and stars, You

have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the

universe is unfolding as it should. Therefore, be at peace with God, whatever

you conceive him to be.

Now, graduates, since we have reflected and perceived, let us walk across this

platform and begin our new lives

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