Consumer Behavior

Using the DDB data (Tables 1B through 7B) describe the major determinants of the following search-related behaviors and beliefs. What are the marketing implications?
Consult consumer reports before making major purchases
Information in advertising helps me make better decisions
Some consumers feel more technology savvy than others. Examine the DDB data in Tables 1B through 7B to determine what characterizes one who is likely to feel tech savvy.
Using Table 3B, specifically examine the relationship between consumer perceptions of being tech savvy and the two search-related variables in Question 1. What are the relationships and implications?

Using the questions provided, please write a 2-3 page report (in essay format) detailing your analysis of the case. Use the following format:

Double-spaced Microsoft Word document using 1 inch left and right margins.
Formatted following APA formatting rules.
Integrate Consumer behavior theory from the textbook and other sources.
Provide a reference page and in-text citations.
Enter page numbers on all pages, including the first page.
Spell check and proofread your report

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